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Minna-san, domo~

YAY, YAY!!! Today my favorite Morning Musume member Kamei Eri celebrates her 21st birthday~


I wish Eri all the best in the world and I hope she gets lots of birthday cakes (not christmas cakes how she said in the GakiKame radio show XD) and celebrates her birthday with family and friend (including the other members of course~)

I’m totally looking forward to the upcoming year and hopefully Eri will release some more photobooks so we all can admire her cuteness and beauty~ Let’s just say… I hope 2010 will be another year of Kamei Eri goodness~

So now… in honor to Eri’s birthday, I’ve made this OPV to congratulate her~

Happy, happy birthday, Eri-chan!!!! ❤


Let’s spread some TanaKame love~

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Minna-san, domo~

Just wanted to share some TanaKame gifs with you and spread the TanaKame love~ I admit… I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw these gifs… TANAKAME IS BACK!!! YAY!! *clears throat* Uhm… anyway… here are the gifs and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do~


Goodbye, Kusumi-san – Nine smiles changed to eight

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Hey everyone

Today was one of the probably saddest days in the history of the current line-up of Morning Musume.

The Nine Smile concert tour 2009 fall came to an end and with it… the end of membership of 7th generation member Kusumi Koharu-chan. Her final concert was given in Tokyo, Kousei Nenkin Kaikan.

Kusumi-san had been a member of Morning Musume since 2005. The announcement of her graduation was quite shocking and unexpected. I bet a lot of her fans burst out in tears as they read about it.

Anyway… with this post, I’d like to reach all Koharu-fans out there and speak out my wishes to Koharu.

I wish Kusumi-san all the best in the world and good luck on the way of her solo career. It might be hard sometimes but she wouldn’t be the “Miracle” if she wouldn’t be able to get through those times. In my opinion, she often proved that she’s able to fight to reach her goal. I know she can make it… and with the experiences she made during the time she was a member of Morning Musume… nothing can go wrong.

Kusumi-san might not be a member of them anymore… but the bond between them that developed during the past four years … is still unbreakable.

As for Morning Musume… I hope the young ladies keep on going with the same energy as before and keep their heads up high to look towards the future. We, the fans are eager to see more of all of you and look forward to upcoming singles and concerts… and even though 9 smiles changed to 8 today… please keep on supporting Morning Musume as well… just like Koharu-chan will do.

Happy TanaKame day everyone~

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Domo, domo~

Yes, you’ve been reading right… today is November 23rd. It’s Eri’s day and Reina’s month which means… it’s a TanaKame day~ Yay~~

Ah, TanaKame… the key to my heart~ Eri and Reina are such a cute couple and a very good match in my opinion . I absolutely love the chemistry between them ;D The combination of shy (Eri) and daring (Reina) is literally sparkling.

So now, TanaKame fans out there!! Let me know why TanaKame is your favorite couple out of Morning Musume/Hello!Project. I’d be interested into your opinions why you say that TanaKame is simply the best couple~

Once again, happy TanaKame day~

And now, I’m gonna share some of my fave pics of the TanaKame love ❤

Hatachi o-tanjoubi o-medetou gozaimasu~

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Today on November 11th, the most attractive yankii and 6th generation Morning Musume member Tanaka Reina celebrates her 20th birthday~ YAY!! So now, Reina has finally reached adulthood! DOUBLE YAY!! And because of that, I say:


I hope she’ll be a Morning Musume member for a long time so we can go on adoring her~ I’m sure Reina’s true fans won’t leave her even though she turned 20… So please, keep on supporting Reina~ She’s still the same lovely yankii we all know, only that she’s an adult now~ As for me, I’ll definitely will go on supporting her! We love you, Reina~

Once again, happy 20th birthday Tanakacchi and welcome to adulthood ❤

And in honor of Reina, I’ll end this post with one of her trademark lines


Happy 20th birthday, Tanakacchi

Hail the queens of the stage

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Hey everyone~

You know what I really love about Morning Musume? The power and efforts they’re putting into each single concert they’re performing! Even though I’m only watching the concert DVDs, I can feel their energy and easily get carried away by our 9 lovely young ladies.

Because of this, I’ve made another video about them. This is my second tribute to Morning Musume! My way to show my respect and their mindblowing power!


Happy 21st birthday, Gaki-san~

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Hey everyone~

Do you know someone whose nickname is mame-chan, who was born on October 20th 1988 and is leader Takahashi Ai-chan’s best friend? Well… I do ;D And that’s why I say:




Yes, today is Niigaki Risa’s 21st birthday! I already loved our reaction queen from the day she joined, her energetic and kind personality always got me. Oh my… I still remember her having black hair and pigtails along with slightly chubby cheeks… and now… she’s sub-leader of the Hello!Project flagship group Morning Musume and grew up to such a sexy, beautiful young woman. She’s so responsible and an amazing senpai to the younger members.

Risa-chan, remain the way you are and I hope we’ll be able to enjoy your trademark reactions and your remarkable sub-leader abilities even more. You’re the best right hand in leadership Ai-chan can wish for 😀 I’m sure Ai-chan loves you as much as we do~

Once again, happy 21st birthday, Gaki-san ❤


Happy 21st birthday, Risa-chan