Hatachi o-tanjoubi o-medetou gozaimasu~


Today on November 11th, the most attractive yankii and 6th generation Morning Musume member Tanaka Reina celebrates her 20th birthday~ YAY!! So now, Reina has finally reached adulthood! DOUBLE YAY!! And because of that, I say:


I hope she’ll be a Morning Musume member for a long time so we can go on adoring her~ I’m sure Reina’s true fans won’t leave her even though she turned 20… So please, keep on supporting Reina~ She’s still the same lovely yankii we all know, only that she’s an adult now~ As for me, I’ll definitely will go on supporting her! We love you, Reina~

Once again, happy 20th birthday Tanakacchi and welcome to adulthood ❤

And in honor of Reina, I’ll end this post with one of her trademark lines


Happy 20th birthday, Tanakacchi


~ by hwangtaeng on November 11, 2009.

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