Happy TanaKame day everyone~

Domo, domo~

Yes, you’ve been reading right… today is November 23rd. It’s Eri’s day and Reina’s month which means… it’s a TanaKame day~ Yay~~

Ah, TanaKame… the key to my heart~ Eri and Reina are such a cute couple and a very good match in my opinion . I absolutely love the chemistry between them ;D The combination of shy (Eri) and daring (Reina) is literally sparkling.

So now, TanaKame fans out there!! Let me know why TanaKame is your favorite couple out of Morning Musume/Hello!Project. I’d be interested into your opinions why you say that TanaKame is simply the best couple~

Once again, happy TanaKame day~

And now, I’m gonna share some of my fave pics of the TanaKame love ❤

~ by hwangtaeng on November 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Happy TanaKame day everyone~”

  1. Where did you get the picture where they’re laying on the bed together and Eri has no shirt on and they’re sleeping? O_O

    • Hey there 🙂

      I found the picture while I was roaming through the web. As I found out later, this awesome photoshop was done by pOuNd66 (all credits to pOuNd66!!) It’s amazing, isn’t it?

  2. AW! Thanks for clarifying i thought it was real! Its just THAT good!! O_O subarashii. Im amazed !!

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