Goodbye, Kusumi-san – Nine smiles changed to eight

Hey everyone

Today was one of the probably saddest days in the history of the current line-up of Morning Musume.

The Nine Smile concert tour 2009 fall came to an end and with it… the end of membership of 7th generation member Kusumi Koharu-chan. Her final concert was given in Tokyo, Kousei Nenkin Kaikan.

Kusumi-san had been a member of Morning Musume since 2005. The announcement of her graduation was quite shocking and unexpected. I bet a lot of her fans burst out in tears as they read about it.

Anyway… with this post, I’d like to reach all Koharu-fans out there and speak out my wishes to Koharu.

I wish Kusumi-san all the best in the world and good luck on the way of her solo career. It might be hard sometimes but she wouldn’t be the “Miracle” if she wouldn’t be able to get through those times. In my opinion, she often proved that she’s able to fight to reach her goal. I know she can make it… and with the experiences she made during the time she was a member of Morning Musume… nothing can go wrong.

Kusumi-san might not be a member of them anymore… but the bond between them that developed during the past four years … is still unbreakable.

As for Morning Musume… I hope the young ladies keep on going with the same energy as before and keep their heads up high to look towards the future. We, the fans are eager to see more of all of you and look forward to upcoming singles and concerts… and even though 9 smiles changed to 8 today… please keep on supporting Morning Musume as well… just like Koharu-chan will do.

~ by hwangtaeng on December 6, 2009.

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