Happy birthday, Ai-chan~

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Minna-san, domo~

Today’s September 14th 2009 which means… Morning Musume’s leader and eldest member in Hello!Project Takahashi Ai-chan celebrates her 23rd birthday~ YAY!!!

Wow, time flew by so fast. I still can remember the video I’ve seen of her when she was only 12 years old… but already had this beautiful singing voice she amazes us fans over and over again!


Takahashi Ai-chan, ni-juu-san sai o-tanjoubi o-medetou gozaimasu~


I hope we will see a lot of Ai-chan in the future and I’m already looking forward to the upcoming singles and concerts, so we can hear her powerful voice! Hopefully she’ll also release some photobooks as well ;D

Ai-chan, we love you!! Happy 23rd birthday again ❤

Happy 23rd birthday, Ai-chan


Tribute to Morning Musume

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I’ve decided to to create a video dedicated to Morning Musume. The short video is an introduction of each member and also my tribute to these awesome young ladies!




Get to know me, get to know you

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Minna-san, domo~

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something onto my blog.

Here’s a video in that I reply to questions, that were sent in by a reader of my fanfics. It’s pretty much a voice biography and you’ll get to find out which country is my favorite, what kind of games I love to play, how I get the ideas for my fanfictions, which H!P stuff I own and also… how I sound like XD But besides that, you’ll find out a lot more about me~



NOTE: OneWingedWolf is my username on Hello!Online~

Why TanaKame?

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Well, yeah… why the TanaKame pairing since the two of them are not seen together that often lately. I’ll explain it~

First off, both of them are rokkies. Sure, you could also put Sayu together with Eri but for me, the whole Sayu/Eri relationship is based on a good and close friendship. Also Sayu and Eri are more like sisters than lovers to me. The chemistry between Reina and Eri is different. Reina the yankii and Eri the shy one, this seems like a very good and interesting combination to me.

If you’re an Eri or Reina fan, maybe even TanaKame fan you’d probably read about how Eri loves to bully Reina backstage and maybe you’ve also seen the pictures of Eri and Reina acting all yankii-like. Also there are lots of TanaKame moments during their concerts and backstage, so TanaKame aren’t really that rarely seen together these days.

TanaKame is just such a cute couple and I hope there are more people who are agreeing with me~ And from what we know… Eri and Reina chose each other when they had to answer the question who they would choose to be their girlfriend ;D

TanaKame yankii squat

Aren’t they cute together? ❤

TanaKame desu, yoroshiku o-negai shimasu~

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Minna-san, domo~

I’m TanaKame, also known as OneWingedWolf on Hello!Online or Kame on JPH!P. I’m a fanfiction writer and as my username says I’m a supporter of the Morning Musume pairing TanaKame (Kamei Eri/Tanaka Reina). I will post some TanaKame related stuff here, which means I’ll be uploading my stories as well. I’m trying my best to keep on updating this blog and I hope you enjoy your time here~